Lids for Coffee Cups — a Stylish Addition

Paper cups are probably one of the most popular and convenient types of disposable tableware. They are used for catering, banquets, or outings. Disposable lids are used for more practical use of cups.

Disposable paper cups with a lid are standard for any coffee shop. The provider has lids for paper cups of any size for cups of any volume and different colors. Moreover, there are lids with a drinking bowl and special ones for straws in the assortment.

Basic properties

Key features of the most popular coffee cup lids:

  • Biodegradable and safe for health;
  • Absorb tiny drops and do not leak up to 4 hours;
  • Do not heat up from hot liquids and do not burn lips;
  • They keep their shape, do not soften, and do not let water through at temperatures up to +120 degrees. And also, do not emit harmful impurities upon contact with a hot drink;
  • Tightly attached to the cup and have a drinking hole;
  • Equally suitable for hot and cold drinks;
  • They look aesthetically pleasing.

You can buy biodegradable lids with a diameter of 80 and 90 mm for cups of different sizes.

Choosing the right lids

Disposable cup lids make our life more comfortable. Since a person in the modern world always does not have enough time, everyone is chasing productivity and speed — coffee to go has gained tremendous popularity, along with the need for a lid for coffee cups to carry coffee and hot drinks safely.

Lids for paper and disposable plastic cups from the manufacturer: heat-resistant and suitable for cold and hot products. They differ on several points:

  • diameter;
  • shape (flat or domed);
  • with a hole for drinking or without a hole;
  • color (you can choose it to your taste).

High-impact polystyrene is used for the production of cup lids. The material is safe for human health and is suitable for contact with food products, hot and cold. Its flexibility provides a snug fit to the rim of the cup to prevent dripping.

Lids for cups prevent splashing of the liquid inside. High-quality disposable tableware ensures that your vacation or trip will not be spoiled. In nature, you can be sure that no insect or sand will fly into the dishes, and hot coffee or tea will not cool down ahead of time. Fast food cafés have become indispensable and have solved several inconveniences, such as crowded halls and long lines.

Summing Up

A lid on a cup is a very convenient and rational thing. It will not let the drink spill out of the cup, and you will never pour yourself. The second advantage will be a long time to maintain the temperature of the drink, which is why cup lids are used in coffee shops. The lids are also suitable for small children at various matinées, hikes, or just in everyday life. The glass will be hermetically sealed, and your beloved child will not pour over anyone. First, you need to pay attention to the quality of the lid. It should not have burrs or defects in printing. For the top to fit your cup, you must decide on the diameter. You can also choose beautiful colors, so the colored lid fits your dishes.

You can buy plastic lids of any diameter. The price will depend on the diameter: the more expansive, the more expensive, respectively. For bulk orders, not only different diameters are available, but also different colors of caps. In addition, your logo can be applied to the drinker lids, allowing you to distinguish yourself from the competition.