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How to satiate the momo-craving monster in your belly

Walking down the Delhi streets, you might have seen a tiny stall with aluminium steamers in a corner selling delicious momos on a plate. They are native to Tibet, Nepal and other Himalayan regions but are relished worldwide. Delhi being the food destination of India, they have come up with innovative fusions for this juicy steaming delight that has become the ultimate comfort food for everyone. While you can find a ‘momo-wala’ in every street, these are the list of some delicious momos that will satisfy your cravings and make you return to them every time.

Hunger Strike: This place has the best momos in Delhi that stricks the right cord between the classic and fusion with this simple dish. Everyone in Delhi must have visited this place to enjoy the delicious varieties of momos available on their menu. Their tandoori momos are a fantastic fusion of Indian flavours and Tibetan delicacies. They have a chard and spicy favour, yet retain the juicy filling inside the momos. You should try out their paneer tandoori momos and chicken afghani momos.

WOW! Momo: Everyone loves experimenting with their taste buds, and WOW! Momos have every variety with this single dish that everyone can think of. They have every variation on their menu, from steamed, pan-fried, and deep-fried.  They have multiple outlets in Delhi, including SelectCity Walk in Saket, Delhi. You should try their Chicken Schezwan Pan-fried Momos if you are a spice lover, and they have unique varieties that will make you return to them.

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen: Want to experience Kathmandu in Delhi? Yeti is where you need to visit to experience the soulful ambience of the Himalayan region and their sumptuous menu filled with Nepali, Tibetan, Sikkim, and Bhutanese food. The restaurant gives you the taste of authentic momo from the street of Nepal that accommodates your pockets and fills your heart with joy. Their Kothe momos are a must-try if you are visiting this place.

Dolma Aunty Momos: Ask any Delhiete where to check for authentic momos, and they will have one answer, Dolma aunty. She has been in the business for almost two decades; she knows to serve momos to her customers. They have veg and non-veg options for customers, with her signature spicy chutney that everyone swears by. Every shopper coming to Lajpat nagar would have a stop near Dolma Aunty Momos, have a delicious plate of steaming heaven, and continue their shopping adventure.

Giri Momo Centre and Chinese Food: Have you ever heard of mozzarella momos in your lifetime? This place makes unique favours you won’t find on any menu. They have some weird names for their momo dishes, like the tandoori cocktail, KFC fry and Fry cocktail that everyone wants to try out once in a lifetime. If you are in Pritampura or Ashok Vihar, you should try this place for their momos.

Everyone likes to have their momos in a certain way, and the list above might help everyone in Delhi who wants to satisfy their momo cravings in the best way possible. Take a spontaneous trip to these places and enjoy your time with this delicious plate of goodness.